Call for Special Events

ICICT 2014 encourages co-located events in the form of Workshops, Special Sessions, Tutorials & Events. These events can be planned before or during the ICICT 2014 conference and can be located in the conference venue or outside. Proposals for such events can be sent to the Program Chair.


As computers become ever-faster and communication bandwidth ever-cheaper, computing and communication capabilities will be embedded in all types of objects and structures in the physical environment.A cyber-physical system (CPS) is a system of collaborating computational elements monitoring, controlling, coordinating and communicating with physical entities and vice versa. They are next-generation systems featuring a tight integration that bridge the cyber-world of computing and communications with the physical world.International workshop on cyber physical systems (IWCPS-2014) gives an opportunity for researchers worldwide to share and discuss their novel ideas and findingsin cyber physical systems.

International workshop on cyber physical systems (IWCPS-2014) is to be held during 3-5 December 2014 at Kochi. This workshop is co-located and conducted in the same venue as a special event of ICICT 2014.


The International workshop on cyber physical systems (IWCPS-2014) aims at sharing and publishing novel research ideas which can be directly applied to cyber physical systems (CPS). Original research ideas are invited as research papers pertaining to this domain.


Papers describing advanced algorithms, solutions, surveys, methods, tools and techniques related to cyber physical systems are welcome. Workshop areas of interest include (but not limited to): human in the loop systems, mobile computing, participatory sensing, crowd-sourcing, cloud computing, control, communication, optimization, machine learning, verification, big data, Imageand signal processing, software, social networks,Transportation,Robotics, devices, sensors, cyber technologies and Energy.


Papers presented in International workshop on cyber physical systems (IWCPS-2014) subject to a final approval from the journal, will be published as a Special Issue on Cyber Physical Systems in the International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology- IJRET . (e-ISSN: 2319-1163; p-ISSN: 2321-7308, published by eSAT and available at

Paper Submission (Initial)

Papers for IWCPS 2014 can be submitted through the Easychair online submission platform of ICICT and should follow the double column, IJRET style in MS word. IWCPS 2014 uses the same paper submission and registration system of ICICT 2014. Hence, specifically mention that the paper is for IWCPS-2014 workshop. Papers should be formatted with IJRET_Manuscript Template given under Camera Ready Paper Submission Guidelines. Authors are should go through all instructions for Camera Ready Paper Submission Guidelines of IWCPS workshop, Registration etc., and the paper should be complete in all respect while doing the initial submission itself. Authors should also prepare themselves for submitting the final camera ready version of the paper within 3 days from the date of acceptance notification.Papers can be sent as an email attachment to with Subject “IWCPS Paper Submission” or follow the link for electronic paper submission:

Workshop Deadlines:

Initial Paper submission due : November 7, 2014


Workshop Chair : Dr. Varghese Paul

Workshop Committee Members

1. Dr.Surekha Mariam Varghese
2. Dr.M.SudheepElayidom
3. Dr. Julie M David

Camera Ready Paper Submission Guidelines(for Journal Special Issue -IJRET Special Issue on Cyber Physical Systems)

Please revise the paper strictly in accordance with the referee comments. Authors should submit Camera-ready version of papers in English, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling. Please ensure that all the figures are of 300 DPI resolutions and that no figures or text are copied from already published sources. Authors who submit papers that contain any form of plagiarism will invite unwarranted consequences.

Paper Formatting & Template:

Final formatting will be done by the journal team. Authors can submit their camera ready papers after formatting with IJRET_Manuscript Template . Authors can also refer to the general author guidelines for IJRET

Page Limit:

Maximum size limit of a paper submitted to Journal Special Issue is 8 pages. Papers exceeding 8 pages should pay extra page charge as per the rates given in the Registration page of ICICT website. The total size of a paper is limited to 14 pages with extra page charges. For page limit, you have to follow this Special Issue limits and not the general IJRET guideline.


Authors have to submit the signed copyright forms along with the camera ready version of your paper. Here, the Copyright form can be downloaded

Author Information:

A document containing a list of all authors with complete address details of each author is to be provided for each paper. Details needed are Paper id, Paper Title, Author full names, telephone numbers, business/institution postal mailing addresses, including postal zip codes, Country and email addresses.

Student Author Certificate:

Student authors should submit a certificate from their Head of the Department/Institution that they are full time students/research scholars. Part time research scholars and students have no fee concession and are treated as Regular Authors and no certificate is needed in their case.


Scanned copy of Fee Paid receipts and registration form should be submitted along with the camera ready submission. Registration fees and the registration process for Journal Special Issue or IWCPS workshop is the same that is given in the ICICT 2014 registration page. Those who register for any event under ICICT are entitled to participate in all events of ICICT conference and IWCPS workshop including conference dinner.

Please follow the steps below for Journal Camera Ready Submissions:

1. Create your final manuscript using the IJRET journal template format.

2. Please don’t use author titles (Dr. Prof. etc. ) in front of names and also avoid using positions (Professor, Lecturer, Scholar etc.).

3. Proof read and check the layout of your paper.

4. Create MS word version of your paper using the templates given above. Your Paper should have file names PaperID_Journal_FirstAuthorLastName.doc or docx. The Paper ID is the submission number you received when you submitted your paper via EasyChair

5. Submit as a single Zip file:

After completion of the above steps, create a Zip file containing your final camera ready paper, source files if any, Author Information, scanned copy of full time student certificate (if applicable), Registration Forms, Signed Copyright scanned and the copy of the Fee Paid receipts.

The Zip file should be named as

Remaining files should follow similar naming styles like
Please submit the above zipped archive using your easychair account.
Please follow the link for electronic submission of the camera ready Zip file:
select proceedings author –IJRET Journal Special Issue
--> Papers (main menu)
--> Upload New Version (upper right corner)
--> Choose zip file
--> Submit a New Version
For paper formatting related enquiries, please contact the Proceedings Chair.